BYC Covid Protocols
Effective September, 2021

September 2021 Covid Requirements for Members and Guests.


All members need to have access to a secure and healthy environment. Please be aware that some members may have pre-existing conditions that make them at high risk for the Covid-19 virus.

At this time, BYC will adhere to all Covid-19, State, County, and City precautions and protocols.

Club responsibilities

Signs will be posted that promote everyday protective measures and describe how to stop the spread of viruses.

Table configurations will be made to accommodate required social distancing standards. Maximum number of participants will follow all State and local requirements.

The Club will provide sanitizers and supplies for members and guests to wipe down their tables, counter tops, and other areas.

The Club will ensure that ventilation systems operate properly. Increased circulation of outdoor air will be available whenever possible by opening doors and prioritizing outdoor seating.

Bartenders or Event Hosts will be trained to assist members who are not adhering to social distancing protocols, seating arrangements, and safety protocols by making them aware of Club policies and guidelines. The Bridge, Trustees, and Bartenders have the right to remove any member from the premises for violations of BYC’s COVID policies.

The BYC facility is open for rentals to groups that meet county, state, and CDC guidelines. There will be no requirements for participants to go in-doors for special events during regattas.

Membership responsibilities

Sign-in sheets and attestation forms will be required for all persons entering the Club.

Fully vaccinated or not, members should not attend the BYC if they have been in close contact with someone who exhibits Covid-19 symptoms in the previous 10 days. (Noncompliance may result in the Commodore invoking By-law, Article V, section 1b).

Members must not use the Club if not feeling well. (Do not enter the Club with symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, nausea, or loss of taste or smell).

Members must wear masks while in the Clubhouse. Consistent with state guidelines, masks may be removed for active eating or drinking and only when seated at a table. When standing, walking or dancing indoors, masks must be worn.

Members should not share personal items with anyone outside their household, including drinking glasses, dishes, or eating utensils.

Members will order at the designated area at the bar, exercising social distancing. Members will not be allowed to move tables or change table configurations.

These guidelines will be posted in the Jib Sheet, on the BYC website, and made available in writing throughout the Club.

The COVID subcommittee will meet at least monthly throughout the pandemic to review and recommend changes to policy in accordance with current guidance and local conditions.